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Call for ONLINE POETRY CONTEST, "Little Muses Mississauga"

Call for ONLINE POETRY CONTEST, "Little Muses Mississauga" .....EVERY ONE CAN WRITE A POEM.
The Rising City of Mississauga is the theme of the poetry contest. Any child from anywhere and any city between the ages of 8 years to 17 years can participate in this creative writing program as per the category of their group.
Poems of all the participants will be featured and published on Heritage Mississauga website and will be linked to various websites. Top 10 Children will also be featured on YouTube channels and will get a chance to read their poem to the world. You may also visit & consult Mississauga & Tips on Writing tabs on menu bar.
Entry is free. Submit a poem HERE or Click the"Submit Poem Online" tab on menu bar.


Metaphor in Literature- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More

Metaphor in Literature- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More: ""Unless you are at home in the metaphor ... you are not safe anywhere." —Frost, "Education by Poetry"
Metaphor is everywhere. Our daily language is full of metaphors we all day unthinkingly use for regular communication purposes. Cell phone. Highway. Light bulb. Love affair. War on Terror. Many have argued that every word is a metaphor, and/or that metaphorical thinking is what allows us to structure reality at all, and therefore can easily filter and determine our thinking and perceptions if we are not aware of it.

Most great thinkers, philosophers, literary theorists, and writers have eventually turned their thoughts to the question of metaphor and how it determines our basic structures of language, thought, perception. Of course metaphor is a particular concern of writers and literary theorists. Almost all of them have something to say on the subject."

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